EC3 Punished After Dean Ambrose Matches?

Backstage News On WWE Punishing EC3 After Matches With Dean Ambrose

On the latest Chris Jericho podcast, Jon Moxley spoke about his matches against EC3, the first of which he lost in only two minutes. During that match, the audience knew very well what was happening (Ambrose was being buried as he was on his way out) and by the weekend house shows, everyone was cheering him (even though he was a heel) as a way to send WWE a message, putting EC3 in a difficult position.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, the hosts suggested that this unexpected reaction likely has led to EC3 being de-pushed and perhaps even punished.

Almost the very next week, WWE had EC3 job to “Dean Ambrose” even though the latter was on his way out of the company.

Dave Meltzer added that the reason Ambrose was cheered more than EC3 likely just came down to the audience knowing him better rather than anything EC3 failed to do, however, WWE officials seemingly had to pin it on someone and EC3 was that person.

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