Backstage News on WWE Raw Script Changes, McIntyre/Orton/Ziggler

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the situation with the Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler match on last night’s Raw was discussed, specifically how it went from a title match to a non-title match. The reason for this was due to all the last minute script changes last week at the tapings and because the Randy Orton interview preceded the McIntyre/Ziggler match and throughout the show they wanted to bill a potential Orton/McIntyre SummerSlam match as being for the title. With that thinking, the match was changed to non-title to all but guarantee that McIntyre would still have the belt and it would be him (not presumably not Ziggler) that Orton would be gunning for next month. It was noted that because of WWE’s desperation to pull up ratings that they are booking on the fly more than ever, often changing plans hours before the show, leading to things not making sense.

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