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Backstage News On WWE’s Deal With Peacock, Ties Cut With ESPN

— WWE announced a ground-breaking deal yesterday in which they moved all their content from the WWE Network over to NBCUniversal’s new Peacock streaming service. On yesterday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer answered some questions on the deal, noting:

  • WWE’s entire tape library (~17,000 hours) is expected to move over to Peacock on March 18 all at once, rather than in a staggered format
  • The basic ad supported version of Peacock’s service is $4.99 and the ads-free premium version is priced at $9.99. Both services will include all WWE PPVs at no additional cost
  • The deal does not give NBCU exclusive rights to the PPVs; WWE will still independently sell the PPVs to cable and satellite companies
  • Peacock currently has no plans to tier the WWE content or charge it over and above the two price points listed earlier, however, they have full flexibility to do so in the future
  • The agreement is a five year, $1 billion licensing agreement in which WWE still owns all the content and tape libraries; in essence, NBCU is renting WWE’s content for the next five years
  • ESPN has recently begun phasing out WWE content and now has altogether stopped it after the announcement of WWE’s deal with Peacock. ESPN, owned by Disney, is a competitor to Peacock parent company, Comcast
  • The deal begins on March 18 with the Fastlane PPV on the 21st and is specific to the United States only. Internationally, the WWE Network will continue on its current iteration

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