Backstage Notes on the Enzo/Cass & Kurt Angle Storylines

— According to sources, WWE’s two current “mystery” storylines – one involving Kurt Angle and the other involving Enzo and Cass – are expected to play out over a series of weeks in an attempt to get more people to watch week-to-week.

— As noted, the Kurt Angle storyline is rumored to culminate with the return of Stephanie McMahon whereas the thought is that Enzo’s attacker will end up being revealed as Cass.

— One source noted to us that clues have already been left behind and this is just my personal observation but to the best of my memory, two weeks ago Corey Graves said he’d love to high five or shake hands or something with whoever beat up Enzo and then this past Raw, he ended up shaking hands with Cass after the two cleared up their misunderstanding.

— As per online reports, the Goldust vs. R-Truth match is not currently scheduled to take place this Sunday at Extreme Rules, though if WWE wanted, they could conceivably make it a kickoff show match.

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