Backstage Reaction to Bayley Segment on Raw; John Cena’s Return to Smackdown

— The word going around backstage is that WWE officials were equally as unimpressed with the “This is Your Life, Bayley” segment as the general public was. Some described it as a “trainwreck” but at the same time there was zero fault given to Alexa Bliss with some actually praising her for doing the best considering the circumstances. The thought was that if it was anyone else but Bliss, the segment could have gone down as the worst in WWE history.

— Booker T’s line “this is hard to watch” was reportedly fed to him by someone backstage, echoing everyone who was following along in the back.

— Despite some dwindling attendance numbers recently for Smackdown, WWE officials are said to be “unconcerned” at the sagging live event numbers and are pretty much chalking it up to John Cena not being active. There is a strong belief that when Cena returns in about a month, his presence will boost attendance figures heading into SummerSlam.

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