Jack Perry CM Punk AEW Fight

Backstage Reaction In WWE & AEW To Dynamite Footage Of Punk-Perry Fight

AEW’s decision to broadcast security footage from last year’s All In event, depicting the backstage altercation between Jack Perry and CM Punk, has stirred mixed reactions within the wrestling community. A detailed report from fightfulselect.com sheds light on the various perspectives surrounding this controversial move.

According to the report, the general reaction to the footage was “tepid,” with many viewing it as predictable and simply a ratings tactic by AEW for that particular episode. Backstage at Dynamite, there was a palpable decrease in mood, largely due to the anticipated backlash on social media following the airing of the footage.

Tony Khan is said to have conceived the idea to air the footage after CM Punk’s interview with Ariel Helwani, during which Punk made several remarks targeting AEW and its wrestlers, such as Triple H’s comments and jabs from Michael Cole and Pat McAfee. This, coupled with other factors, solidified Khan’s decision to move forward with the plan. Creative for the video was finalized by the end of last week, and it was promptly promoted following the conclusion of WrestleMania.

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, the Young Bucks were reportedly fully supportive of the segment and actively involved in its execution. Similarly, FTR, close friends of Punk, were informed about the decision to air the clip and expressed approval, seeing it as an opportunity to enhance their storyline and generate more buzz.

Within WWE, reactions to the footage were largely unsurprised, and Punk’s standing with the company remains unaffected by its content. The report confirms that Punk is not facing any reprimands or penalties as a result. Some viewed the footage as a “self-own,” while others were indifferent but watched out of curiosity. Many opined that the incident was no more significant than events during the WWF-WCW Monday Night Wars era.

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