Brock Lesnar/WWE Backstage Update (5/4/2019)

Backstage Reason Why Brock Lesnar Is Not Going To UFC, Update On His WWE Future

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Brock Lesnar wanted a certain price guaranteed from UFC to do the Daniel Cormier fight but UFC didn’t meet whatever number Lesnar’s camp threw out there. Any less than their target figure and Brock didn’t feel it was worth it to engage in extensive training at 42 to get into the cage with an all-time great fighter. Making the situation more intriguing for Lesnar was that Vince McMahon continues to offer him more and more money for limited dates and given his age, pro wrestling is considered far safer and will no doubt extend his longevity as an athlete.

As noted before, Lesnar and his camp have been marvellous negotiators over the last couple of years and entering into the USADA testing pool in 2018 was another strategic move as a way to leverage both UFC and WWE against one another. Even though he may never truly have had any intentions of returning to UFC, if Brock didn’t enter the testing pool, WWE would have immediately concluded that Lesnar wasn’t serious about returning and as such, wouldn’t have offered him nearly the same type of money.

Brock is expected to wrestle again in June at the event in Saudi Arabia, but is free and clear to appear at any WWE events moving forward and with slumping ratings, it’s possible he’s back on TV sooner rather than later.

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