Backstage Reason Why Edge Has Only Appeared Sporadically on WWE Programming

– Edge hasn’t been seen in WWE since his Extreme Rules match against Finn Balor in October and even in the months preceding that match or his Judgment Day bout against Damian Priest, he wasn’t around regularly. According to a report by fightfulslect.com, there’s a very good reason for this and it’s because Edge’s contract with WWE calls for limited dates.

– Back in 2020, it was reported that Edge signed a three-year contract for 25 appearances and 5 matches per year, however, either that was incorrect or modified in some way as he exceeded that figure in 2021 and already in 2022. When WWE took him off TV earlier this summer and began airing vignettes that spanned several weeks, it was simply to “buy some weeks” on television without using up those limited dates while still letting creative build up his storylines and matches.

– As of now, it’s unclear when Edge’s contract with WWE is up or even how many appearances are left on his existing contract and there’s also the possibility that WWE may have frozen his contract for the period of time that he was out with injury. However, if no changes were agreed upon and if the original contract length is correct, his deal would be expiring sometime next year.

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