Daniel Bryan/WWE Update (5/5/2019)

Backstage Speculation On Reason Why Daniel Bryan Was Recently Out Of Action

It appears that concussion issues is the reason that Daniel Bryan has been out of action since his showdown against Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35.

Dave Meltzer noted via Wrestling Observer Radio on Sunday morning that although he was unable to confirm the cause of injury, the combination of Bryan’s history of concussions and the fact that WWE did not have a reason to hide a different injury, signs are pointing to the fact that it likely could very well have been another concussion that kept Bryan on the sidelines.

While getting a concussion would have to be a significant concern going forward given Bryan’s past, it is a positive that it took this long for Bryan to get one since returning in early 2018 as opposed to it happening right out of the gate (indicating a bigger overall medical issue).

Another positive it the fact that Bryan received clearance to return in a matter of weeks. As previously reported, Bryan was cleared to return to the ring earlier this week and could get a storyline as soon as next week on TV.

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