Vince McMahon Pissed Off At Arn Anderson

Backstage Stories Reveal How Vince McMahon Acted During WWE Creative Meetings

– With Vince McMahon on the outs in WWE, more and more stories are coming out regarding the creative atmosphere that existed while he was in control. reports that many of the creative writers’ assistants had roles to “filter” Vince as they were responsible to take notes for him but had to know what to write and what to omit, ultimately leaving the meeting minutes heavily edited.

– The report states that this has been the case for a long time as often Vince would say things that were offensive, insensitive or not politically correct, baffling others in attendance and causing them to wonder if he really just said what he said. Some of the stories circulating include Vince calling people the wrong name and using socially unacceptable terms that he himself wouldn’t even allow on television. Another topic that was noted was his over-the-top reaction at times to what an announcer would say, as he would regularly “blow up” at someone for ridiculous things and blame them for ruining an angle that was dead anyway.

– When asked what is expected to change the most with Triple H now at the helm, one person in creative commented that there will be a clearer understanding and recall of what the company has or hasn’t done yet on TV. There were apparently multiple times where Vince would want to present something on Raw or Smackdown that they had done “over and over again” even when people would tell him that it’s been done.

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