Bruce Prichard & Dana Warrior Updates

Backstage Update On Bruce Prichard & Dana Warrior’s Roles In WWE

– On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dana Warrior’s employment with WWE was discussed. It was noted that it was Dana herself who approached Vince McMahon, looking for a job. Vince then asked her what she was looking for and where she wanted to work and whether she was after a full-time job. Dana told Vince that she was looking to help with creative, saying that she would offer a female point of view even though there are already women on the writing team.

– Dana was then hired but isn’t officially on the writing team. There’s no official name for her role, but she is being “taught” details of the job sort of like an intern, with the goal that she will possibly secure a permanent spot on the creative team in the future. Dana was present at the TV shows last week and is expected to be involved this week learning the process.

– Also it was clarified that Bruce Prichard is not technically on the writing team (yet) and isn’t Vince McMahon’s right-hand man. Prichard might do things like produce some vignettes and he’s involved in the process, but he is still behind people like Michael Hayes, Brian James, Ed Koskey and a couple others but he has a “voice” and is on the team.

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