Dean Ambrose & Drew McIntyre Updates

Backstage Update On Dean Ambrose Turning Heel & Drew McIntyre’s Push

The long term plan still appears to be for Dean Ambrose to turn heel and feud with Seth Rollins, speculates Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. Ambrose turning heel has always been the idea since last year before he tore his triceps – mainly because WWE isn’t turning Roman Reigns heel and a Seth Rollins turn has already happened. Ambrose – if and when he turns and leaves The Shield – is expected to feud with both Reigns and Rollins.

There is also a tease of Drew McIntyre turning face or at least splitting away from Dolph Ziggler. This would also be expected as McIntyre is being groomed for a major singles run either later this year or in 2019, very likely directly into a main event spot.

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