Toni Storm Talks To FOX Sports

Backstage Update On Toni Storm’s New Character, Plans For Mariah May in AEW

The regular pre-PPV media call for AEW Full Gear 2023 occurred on Thursday afternoon with AEW President Tony Khan.

During the AEW Full Gear 2023 media call, Khan addressed the evolution of the “Timeless” Toni Storm character following her departure from The Outcasts with Saraya and Ruby Soho.

Khan revealed that he and Storm had discussions about a shared vision for the character, which involved bringing in Mariah May to complement the persona. He acknowledged that it took longer than anticipated to bring May into the company and initiate her presence on TV.

Additionally, Khan emphasized his active involvement in shaping the character, aiming to showcase her more prominently and present a distinct style to make the character stand out. He hinted at ongoing developments in the persona moving forward.

Regarding Storm’s unique “Timeless” over-actor gimmick featured in an old-school black-and-white presentation on AEW TV, Khan humorously remarked, “If someone wanted to paint themselves black and white, I think that would be a hell of a Halloween costume.”

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