AEW Backstage News & Notes (5/24/2019)

Backstage Update On PAC & AEW Having Creative Issues Behind-The-Scenes

The situation with PAC opting out of his scheduled match against Hangman Page doesn’t seem to be related to the outcome of the match itself, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. In fact, PAC was scheduled to beat Page and the win was supposed to lead to bigger matches for him, likely including one against Kenny Omega.

The plan from there was for Omega to beat PAC but with PAC holding the Open the Dream Gate title, he has gone on record to state that he wasn’t going to lose any matches while still holding that title. AEW then decided that rather than have a DQ or draw type finish, they wanted a definitive winner and with Page being positioned as a major star, he wasn’t going to lose the match to PAC unless PAC vs. Omega, Chris Jericho or Cody was in the plans.

PAC is not expected to be working for AEW anytime soon or at least until he drops the Dream Gate title because due to the style of wrestling AEW wants to push, they won’t be able to accommodate him if he is never going to lose.

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