Backstage Update On Plans For More AEW Dynamite Specials, “Winter Is Coming” Name Origins

AEW’s “Winter Is Coming” television special may become a yearly tradition according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The name is based on the popular HBO program Game of Thrones, and since WarnerMedia owned the IP they gave President Tony Khan the go-ahead to use it. The show featured a headlining bout of Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley for the AEW world title in what Khan called the biggest match in Dynamite’s history, which ended with Omega becoming the third-ever AEW champion.

Khan is also reportedly working with the idea of creating traditions for the promotion’s weekly episodic, with a Christmas, New Year’s, and Beach Break theme expected in the upcoming weeks. AEW will continue to build up to four major pay per views a year, but Khan still wants big matches/moments for Dynamite since it is the company’s biggest revenue stream.

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