Updates On The Rock & The McMahon's

Backstage Update On The Rock At Royal Rumble, McMahon Appearing On TV

One of the changes that Vince McMahon wants to implement in the coming weeks on both Raw and Smackdown has already happened with both GM roles being phased out and WWE instead moving forward with four authority figures – Vince, Stephanie, Shane and Triple H – who will be appearing semi-regularly on both Raw and Smackdown. According to a WWE source, Vince has always believed that the answer to slumping ratings is to “bring back one or more McMahons” though over the past couple of years, he has preferred that it not be him. However, with Vince himself now appearing on Raw and Smackdown over the last two weeks, it is probably a major sign that he is concerned about their declining viewership.

Over the past few weeks, rumors about the Rock’s possible involvement with WWE in 2019 has been swirling around with @WrestleVotes suggesting that there was a definitive plan at one point for him to win the Royal Rumble and go onto main event WrestleMania (presumably against Roman Reigns before his leukemia announcement) and Dave Meltzer refuting that saying there wasn’t any discussion on that happening. When we reached out to WWE, a source in the company neither confirmed or denied the rumor, simply suggesting that he was not privy to that information but that WWE is “always scheming” to get the Rock to re-appear on WWE TV, especially at WrestleMania, so he would tend to believe the report as true.

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