WWE vs. AEW Update (9/9/2019)

Backstage Update On WWE & AEW Running Events In The Same Cities

Over the next few several weeks, WWE and AEW will be holding events in the same city multiple times.

AEW tickets for the 11/6 TV show in Charlotte and the 11/9 PPV Full Gear in Baltimore went on sale last week.

The Baltimore PPV is selling seats at a better rate than WWE’s Raw did last week but is still not even close to a sellout.

Meanwhile, the 11/6 AEW show in Charlotte is behind the pace of WWE’s Clash of Champions PPV show in the same city, also not near selling out.

It’s tough to conclude anything from these numbers except that AEW – like WWE – is not guaranteed to sell out a building, at least not right away as some of AEW’s first couple of shows did.

It should be noted though that while the two companies are running the same cities, they are choosing different arenas for their events.

For example, for the Charlotte events, WWE is at Spectrum Center and is configuring the venue for 9,500 seats (blocking off most of the upper deck) whereas AEW in November is running the smaller Bojangles Arena, setting it up for 7,500 seats.

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