Matt Riddle #SpeakingOut Update

Backstage Update On WWE Being Aware Of Matt Riddle Sexual Assault Accusations Prior To Signing Him

Days before his debut on Smackdown, Matt Riddle was accused of sexual assault for an incident that happened back in 2018 by indie wrestler Cindy Cartwright prompting Riddle’s lawyer to release a statement indicating that they were not only aware of Cartwright’s accusations but that she was stalking the Riddle family for the last two years.

Riddle’s appearance on Smackdown went off without a hitch and on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that WWE was actually aware of all this information prior to even signing Riddle two years ago.

This would seem to indicate that the book is closed as far as WWE is concerned and the matter settled but the company went through the same thing with Lars Sullivan before a sponsor complained prompting WWE to take action against Sullivan.


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