Update On WWE/Impact Officials Meeting In Stamford

Backstage Update On WWE & Impact Wrestling Executives Meeting At WWE HQ Last Week

The recent meeting between WWE and Impact Wrestling officials was said to one where the Impact side was the one “pitching” ideas and the WWE side was the one “listening.” It is unclear exactly what was discussed, but Impact went on record to state that they aren’t interested in selling their tape library or the promotion itself.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter speculates that it could have been a pitch by Impact to perhaps let WWE license some footage for the Network but to retain ownership of the content but that Anthem Sports (the parent company that owns Impact) is highly unlikely to consider the tape library outright as they rely on a ton of footage that airs on The Fight Network.

WWE had previously expressed interest in buying Impact outright with the idea that they were only interested in the tape library asset and would otherwise shut the promotion down. However, they were outbid by Anthem Sports and since then, the two sides haven’t been on bad business terms especially after Impact has allowed WWE to use content from their library for the Network.

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