Brian Kendrick

Backstage WWE News on Brian Kendrick Returning as a Producer at Survivor Series

— Former WWE producer Brian Kendrick was back with the company over the weekend, showing up run sheets as a producer for the Ronda Rousey vs. Shotzi Smackdown women’s title match at the recently completed Survivor Series. His presence triggered speculation that Kendrick is back with WWE, however, it doesn’t appear that is the case – at least not just yet.

— Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio reported that Kendrick was helping out produce that match at the request of Rousey as he was her original wrestling trainer. She went to WWE management and asked that he be brought in for her match and they complied leading to Kendrick and Jason Jordan working on the match together. Meltzer further reported that Kendrick isn’t hired by WWE though then noted on their site that Kendrick’s involvement in the match was considered as a tryout by WWE so it’s possible if his work was well received, he might be back permanently especially considering Rousey likely has a fair bit of influence on it.

— Kendrick has had multiple stints with WWE and his latest was a producer for NXT before he asked for (and was granted) a release in early 2022. Almost immediately he was announced for AEW Dynamite in a match against Jon Moxley, but the match never happened after controversial comments Kendrick made about a decade earlier resurfaced and Tony Khan abandoned plans to bring him in.

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