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Backstage WWE News On Vince McMahon Strongly Opposing No-Cut Clauses in Contracts

— WWE contracts have long been in unique for many reasons, one of which is that historically no contracts were negotiated with a no-cut clause, leaving the contracted talent susceptible to being released at any time. A report notes that the absence of any no-cut clauses was strictly a Vince McMahon preference as he was “vehemently” against the idea despite other company officials being open to the idea of including them in deals.

— One of those was was willing to negotiate a no-cut clause is current co-CEO Nick Khan, however, McMahon always had the final say and never approved any contracts that included such verbiage. While WWE isn’t believed to have missed out on any key free agent who may have balked at signing with WWE without a no-cut clauses, the report states that some free agents did inquire about whether it was possible to have but chalked it up to Vince stuck in his old ways. In the end, many wrestlers ended up being released who later said “Vince McMahon liked me but…” highlighting that ultimately, McMahon could decide on a whim who to release especially when talent did not have the protection of a no-cut clause.

— With Khan helping leading the company now in light of Vince’s departure, the report stated that most talent had very positive things to say about Nick and the way he manages and leads the company, pointing out that his nature to think outside of the box is a welcome change compared to Vince sticking to his long standing traditions. Coincidentally or not, since Vince left the company as CEO, there have been no mass main roster cuts though there have been releases at the NXT and NXT UK levels.

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