Baron Black On If He Is Open To Working For The WWE Or NJPW

AEW talent Baron Black spoke with on a variety of topics such as if he is open to working for the WWE or NJPW down the line.

Baron Black said:

“Yeah, I mean, why not? New Japan is a legendary company, who wouldn’t want to wrestle for New Japan. You’ve seen a lot of people, even from AEW, work New Japan. You know what I’m saying? So, as far as WWE, I think we all have grown up with WWE, we know about that place and if they had any interest, of course, I would be a fool not to engage in that. I mean, it’s obviously something I grew up on the Attitude Era in WCW and WWE. So yeah, of course. But I will say this, I would definitely listen, that’s for sure. I would definitely answer the phone. Oh, definitely. Definitely something that I would definitely like to do. But I have unfinished business at All Elite Wrestling. I can’t stop with just one win you know what I’m saying?”

Baron Black also spoke about if he would be interested in working for IMPACT Wrestling.

Baron Black said:

“Like I was saying, I’m never a guy that starts a task and then just steps away. When I’m almost at the end, I have to complete this. I have to complete this, that’s the main thing that’s really on my mind right now. I want the opportunity to complete this run I have in AEW. With Impact, I’ll never forget when I first discovered Impact it was discovering stars like AJ Styles and legendary Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, my personal favorite Jay Lethal. So, of course suddenly there’s so much rich history there in Impact, so it’s definitely something that I would not say no to actually doing. But I am very keen on finishing this path.”

You can check out Baron Black’s comments at this link.

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