Batista Comments On Social Media Buzz Following Interview About The Rock

Batista Explains Why He Stands By His Recent Harsh Comments About The Rock

After making headlines and causing some buzz on social media for his recent comments about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s acting skills in a recent interview with the Tampa Bay Times, WWE Superstar and fellow emerging Hollywood star Dave “Batista” Bautista took to Twitter to stand by his remarks.

“[I’m] retweeting this because although the headline is a bit misleading, I really appreciate them pointing out that I was not bashing anyone,” wrote Batista via his official Twitter page on Wednesday with a link to a Movie Web article titled, ‘Dave Bautista Body Slams The Rock’s Acting Skills, Hates The Comparisons.”

He continued, “I’m not a disrespectful person. I speak from the heart and sometimes it comes across harsh. I stand by the interview w/ @TB_Times #dreamchaser D.”

For those who missed the original complete interview with Batista that has the social media world buzzing, he stated the following about The Rock’s acting chops:

“Do not compare me to The Rock or John Cena. Everyone does it… Those guys are wrestlers who became movie stars. I’m … something else. I was a wrestler. Now, I’m an actor.

“[The] Rock was, in a way, a movie star before he was even a movie star. There is something about him that’s really special. I’d never take that away from him. Would I consider him a great actor? F*ck no. I want good roles. I don’t care about Fast and Furious or Bumblebee. … That’s not the kind of stardom I want. … I want to be in Dune. I want to work with Denis Villeneuve. I want to work with Sam Mendes and Jodie Foster. I want to work with Academy Award winners. I’m proud to be a character actor. I want that respect and credibility and education.”

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