Bayley On Being Frustrated In NXT At Times, Historic Charlotte-Sasha HIAC Match

WWE Superstar and former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley spoke with Thomas Feaheny while on the WWE overseas tour, which is still ongoing, with both RAW and SmackDown Live being taped in the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday from Glasgow, Scotland.

Regarding being the only member of the Four Horsewomen from NXT that wasn’t called up to the main WWE roster with the others (Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch), Bayley noted that it was “tough” but “worth it.”

“It’s tough but it’s all worth it, I was in NXT for almost four years [and] now I’m in the WWE I’m travelling with them, making new friends, the new cities you go to, all the work in NXT has prepared me for this.”

As far as having to remain in NXT while watching her friends and fellow Four Horsewomen get their main roster opportunities in WWE, Bayley admitted that she was “frustrated” at times, but still always felt lucky to be in NXT.

“There were times when I was frustrated, but I always felt lucky to be there. Even when Becky, Charlotte and Sasha got called up, looking back the year I spent on my own in NXT was the year I learnt the most, I was fighting different levels of women and that helped me progress.”

Also during the interview, Bayley spoke about her friends and Four Horsewomen buddies Charlotte and Sasha Banks making WWE history as the first-ever Women’s Hell In A Cell match at the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view earlier this month.

“It’s something we all wanted from the beginning from the day we met, that was our goal, to put women’s wrestling on the main stage, even bigger than what it was before. I can see women’s wrestling main eventing Wrestlemania one day.”

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