Bayley Talks To Hype Magazine

Bayley Talks About Mickie James Being A Locker Room Leader In WWE

Bayley recently spoke with the folks at Hype Magazine about being included in many first-ever matches for women in WWE, Sasha Banks pushing her in the ring, Mickie James and more. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On being included in first-ever matches for women in WWE: “It is insane because I was thinking about the Iron Women’s Match just the other day, but Royal Rumble is one of those matches that you remember watching as a kid, and everyone has their favorite memory of it. I remember counting down while watching at home and everyone is counting down together whether you are in the live audience or at home to see who will come out next. To be a part of something like that and to be in the back, while all the girls go out front, to feel the energy was a dream come true. The Elimination Chamber was a crazy experience because those were the matches that I always wanted to be a part of as a fan. Even though matches like TLC, Cage, a ladder were scary situations, they were just things I wanted to participate in as a performer. Being in the chamber match, I felt very comfortable, and I hope I can participate again next year.”

On Mickie James being a locker room leader: “Having her here is a fantastic opportunity. When she came back to SmackDown, I was jealous of the women division there because they had competed against one of businesses OGs. Not that she is old or anything, but I grew up with her and Trish Stratus. They both had a great storyline, and I learned a lot from their contributions to the company from a character standpoint and techniques inside of the ring. Since she came over to Raw, it challenges us to approach things differently. I wanted to pick her brain since she has seen the evolution of the business with her OVW background.”

On Sasha Banks pushing her in the ring: “We have known each other for about five years now, and we know each better than anyone else in the women division right now. I am pretty sure I had the most matches with her if you go back and look at our time in NXT and FCW. We were always set to wrestle each other whether it was the first TakeOver or the Iron Woman match. She has been my opponent for my first everything in the company. I think that is where the competitiveness comes from because I know how talented she is and we both want to be the best at we do. We are friends, but there is that fan in both of us that say I’m better than her.”

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