Becky Lynch Talks To Pink News

Becky Lynch On LGBT Community Finally Getting Its’ Just Due In WWE

Becky Lynch recently spoke with the folks from Pink News for an interview. During the discussion, “The Man” spoke about the LGBT community finally getting its’ just due within WWE after a long history of offensive gimmicks and stereotypical characters. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the LGBT community finally getting its’ just due within WWE: “It doesn’t matter your gender, your race, your sexuality, whatever it is… we’re all equal. I think that’s what I want to get over more than anything,” said Lynch. “We are all 100 percent equal, and it’s what you do with that that counts.”

On hoping any openly gay wrestler will be treated with the same respect that Sonya Deville, the first openly gay woman wrestler in WWE, and would be comfortable coming out because they know it will be respected in modern day WWE: “It’s our humanity… and our sexuality is so tied in with that. It shouldn’t ever be a thing that anyone’s ever scared to [come out]. There should be no bias. There’s no reason that there should be. Why does it make a difference? You’re a person. You have a skill or ability to be whatever you are… just go do your job.”

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