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Becky Lynch Reveals Why She Almost Did Not Compete On WWE RAW This Past Monday Night

As previously reported, there were some speculations on the status of top WWE RAW Superstar “The Man” Becky Lynch for her scheduled matchup against Zoey Stark on this past Monday’s show to the point that it was even removed from the company’s official RAW preview as it was announced that the matchup will no longer be taking place since Lynch was not medically cleared to compete.

It was then revealed on a follow-up report that Becky Lynch was waiting to be cleared and if she ends up getting the go ahead, then the match will happen on RAW. The Man would end up getting cleared, but would ultimately come up short in her match against Zoey Stark due to the interference of WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.

Becky Lynch spoke with USA Today during the ESPY Awards on the reason she almost did not compete this past Monday night on WWE RAW.

Becky Lynch said:

“When I landed from London, I had to go to the ER and had to get a cyst removed.” “Then had to get that redone on Friday, but was in the ring, fine, ready to go by Monday.”

You can check out Becky Lynch’s full comments at this link.

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