Becky Lynch Dances Like Sami Zayn

Becky Lynch Talks The Future Of Pro Wrestling And Women’s Wrestling

Top WWE Star “Big Time Becks” Becky Lynch recently took part in a panel discussion at NYC Advertising Week, where she talked about a variety of topics such as how women are the future of pro wrestling as well as how the women’s roster they have right now in the WWE is the future of women’s wrestling.

Becky Lynch said:

“I look at NXT and–this is no discourse towards the men–but the women, I go ‘oh, yep. That’s the future.’ That’s where the engaging characters are. There’s incredible athleticism, that’s athleticism that never in a million years I would be capable of. I think you can see the interest in what the women are doing down there and so I think it’s the future.”

“And I look at our women’s roster now and I go between me, you’ve got Bianca Belair. You’ve got Rhea Ripley, who’s just incredible and she’s so young. And you’ve got Liv Morgan and you have all these incredible women just getting started. It’s awesome. I’m very excited about it.”

You can check out Becky Lynch’s comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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