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Behind-the-Scenes Fallout from NWA Samhain PPV Cocaine Controversy Impacting The CW TV Agreement

The NWA Samhain pay-per-view has stirred up a significant amount of controversy.

During the event, pro wrestling manager James Mitchell, a seasoned veteran in the business, was involved in a highly contentious segment that quickly went viral both online and on social media.

In this segment, Mitchell was depicted in a private seating area near the wrestling ring, surrounded by scantily clad women, consuming bottles of alcohol. What caused the most outrage was that he was openly seen snorting cocaine, and even passing it around to others in attendance to partake in.

This creative decision was apparently conceived by NWA owner Billy Corgan himself. However, it has backfired, as it seems to be negatively impacting the NWA’s television deal with The CW.

During their negotiations, Corgan was initially informed that The CW would only concern itself with content airing on their platforms and not the NWA’s pay-per-view events. Nevertheless, this stance changed following the NWA Samhain event.

The CW received an influx of negative feedback, particularly due to the controversial cocaine segment, which has prompted a revision of their arrangement. According to a report from Haus Of Wrestling, there is now a 90-percent likelihood that the NWA reality show and NWA Powerrr will be available on The CW app rather than the actual television channel.

The incident at NWA Samhain has certainly caused quite a stir in the wrestling world and beyond.

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