Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair Taking Time Off From WWE; Length of Absence Currently Unknown

It seems that Bianca Belair’s recent storyline injury on WWE Friday Night Smackdown is part of a creative plot and not a legitimate injury. Despite her victory alongside Charlotte Flair, she was attacked by Damage CTRL backstage, resulting in a knee injury that will serve as a way to write her off TV for a planned leave of absence.

According to reports from, this absence has been factored into the creative plans. However, the exact duration of her leave remains uncertain. Backstage discussions suggest a range of possibilities, with some sources suggesting a return within the next few weeks (less than a month) and others indicating a longer absence of possibly up to three months. If she returns sooner, it could be in the next couple of weeks, but if the longer timeframe is accurate, her return might not occur until shortly before Survivor Series.

Please note that these details are based on the provided information and may be subject to changes in WWE’s creative direction.

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