Big Cass Shoots On WWE At Indy Event

Big Cass Cuts Promo On WWE At Indy Show (Video), Ryback Signs New Contract

Big Cass made his appearance for Championship Wrestling League yesterday and cut a promo, initially appearing to want to explain his side of the story regarding his release from WWE. He said that only three people in the world know what happened in the room when he was released and those other two guys aren’t going to say anything. Before teasing to give everyone the scoop, he went full heel and said he wouldn’t do it because no one there deserve the truth. He also said that the truth would be revealed in the future on a “network” special for the “big guys.” He insulted the promoter, the promotion and said he’s here for the money. You can watch it here.

CWL also announced that after a surprise appearance yesterday, Ryback has signed a three week contract with the indie promotion.

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