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Big E. Talks About Whether Or Not He Is Ready To Be Face Of WWE

Big E. recently spoke with Sports Illustrated for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During his discussion with the popular sports media outlet, the 2021 Mr. Money In The Bank spoke about a potential feud with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and whether or not he feels he is ready to be the face of WWE.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

Prior to SummerSlam, I spoke with Bobby Lashley, who had a really good run working with Kofi and Woods this summer. Lashley mentioned that he believes The New Day are top guys for life, which was a high compliment, and he also touched on the potential between the two of you moving forward. Naturally, he added that you aren’t as strong as him, but given the history with The New Day, a Big E–Lashley story could be special.

“I think so, as well. There is history with the story with Bobby, Kofi and Woods, so it’s all there. That would be our chance for retribution, and it just feels right. I loved The Hurt Business. I loved seeing what they were able to do, and the fact that their whole Hurt Business era wasn’t in front of fans, it was in front of the ThunderDome, that’s incredible. Maybe there is a possibility they can put aside whatever squabbles they have and get back together again, then you’d have so many options and possibilities with The New Day and Hurt Business, even six-mans.

Bobby is on his best run yet. He carries himself like a champion; he looks like a champion. When I first got signed by WWE in 2009, I remember watching a match with him and Cena over and over again. He was someone I wanted to work like someday, so it’s an honor to have Bobby speak of us like that. He’s on an incredible run, and there is definitely a lot of meat there to chew on.”

Decades ago, I loved the excitement and tension when there were battles among the Hart Foundation, Nation of Domination and DX. It would be captivating if we saw three different groups—The New Day, Hurt Business, and Roman Reigns’s Bloodline with The Usos—do that in the modern day. Those are some of the best in the world, and it would be so engaging for the WWE audience.

“I think that’s a no-brainer. We’ve said this ad nauseum, but The Usos are our greatest rivals. They are an all-time great tag team, very top tier, and I have so much respect for them and what they do. Roman has added a new wrinkle. And even though we ran with them years ago, Roman and Paul Heyman have added a whole new dynamic.

I love that idea of faction vs. faction vs. faction, all trying to solidify our place in this industry. Looking at Raw and SmackDown, with the draft coming up soon, there are so many ways we can go as a trio. If we’re working with The Bloodline, we could have an all-time great feud.”

Carrying WWE is such a massive responsibility. I think you’re ready. Do you think you’re ready to be the face of WWE?

“It’s a tall task, but I’m ready. I’ve been beating the drum of meditation over the past year, and it’s helped so much by focusing on the present moment. That’s all that it is for me. So I’m not worried about this gargantuan task of being the face of the company because I’m too focused on doing my very best to be entertaining with whatever I’m given. I’m all about handling what’s right in front of me, and I feel like I can handle whatever is in front of me. I’m ready, and I’ve been ready.”

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