Big Six-Man Tag Match at Raw, Paige Backstage, Survivor Series, more

— WWE has announced that The Shield will be reuniting tonight on Raw to face The Miz, Cesaro & Sheamus. Originally, WWE writers had scripted a segment on Miz TV to set up this match, but that was re-written and the company just went ahead and announced the match instead.

— Brock Lesnar is backstage and expected to appear on Raw to address his new Survivor Series opponent, AJ Styles.

— Paige is also backstage but her role on tonight’s show (if she even has one) is unknown. There was some backstage news that Paige going public with the fact that she’s returning may end up affecting her storylines as some believe she should have just tried to stay under the radar if she wants to be back on TV.

— Several Raw talent, including the Shield, are expected to be on Smackdown tonight as Raw finally goes for revenge to set up Survivor Series this weekend. Both male and female are scheduled but no specific names are known at this point.

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