Bill Goldberg Talks To Inside The Ropes

Bill Goldberg On Brock Lesnar’s UFC Return, WWE Reinstating Hulk Hogan

As noted, WWE Hall Of Famer Bill Goldberg recently spoke with the folks from Inside The Ropes for a sit-down interview. Featured below are some additional highlights from the discussion.

On Brock Lesnar possibly returning to the Octagon and why the UFC is so important to his mystique: “Show me another guy who can do [UFC]. You gotta have cojones. You gotta have a special ability. You gotta have a desire to do certain things. Brock is a different human being. Brock is a guy who reinvents himself all the time and who capitalizes on opportunities that others don’t have the cojones to capitalize on.”

On if he thinks Hulk Hogan being reinstated could be a positive thing for WWE moving forward: “Well if WWE didn’t think it could be a positive thing, he never would have been reinstated.”

Check out more from the Bill Goldberg interview with Inside The Ropes below.

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