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Billy Corgan Files Restraining Order Against Dixie Carter, TNA Management

It looks like there is definitely trouble in paradise brewing between Billy Corgan and the current key executives and management figures of TNA Wrestling.

According to a report by Mike Johnson of, Corgan filed a lawsuit against Dixie Carter, Serg Salinas (Dixie Carter’s husband), Dean Broadhead (the current CFO of TNA), TNA Impact Wrestling and its parent company, Impact Ventures LLC. The suit was filed in the Chancery Court of Nashville, Tennessee.

Additionally, is reporting that Corgan also filed a temporary restraining order bond and an application for a temporary injunction against most of the same figures listed above. Corgan is requesting that a six-person jury to hear the case. A hearing will be held on October 20th in Nashville.

While not a lot is known regarding the latter, the belief due to the wording contained in the public legal document (view here) is that it is an attempt on Corgan’s part to use legal matters to stop Dixie Carter and the rest of TNA management from making a business move of some kind.

It’s worth noting that there have been reports circulating that claim things between Corgan and Dixie are so bad at this point that they are refusing to even work together on television together. Additionally, Corgan reportedly refused to even show up at the latest talent meeting held by Dixie.

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