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Billy Corgan Opens Up On TNA’s Future: Bound For Glory Update, Pop TV Status

TNA President Billy Corgan was interviewed by the folks at Busted Open Radio on Wednesday to finally shed some light on the recent reports regarding the potential sale of TNA and the issues surrounding this Sunday’s Bound For Glory PPV / follow-up TV tapings, as well as the company’s status with Pop TV.

Corgan stated during the interview that he has been trying hard to acquire the majority ownership of the company, noting that TNA has had a “For Sale” sign up for a while now and that it could be argued that the company has had a public “For Sale” sign since it first opened.

Regarding the status of Sunday’s Bound For Glory 2016 pay-per-view at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, which has been among the key focal points in determining how soon, and to whom, the company will be sold to, unless a temporary investor comes on to help fund the PPV and subsequent Impact Wrestling television tapings.

The former Smashing Pumpkins frontman did, however, make it clear that while he can’t and won’t speak for everyone else, he will be in Orlando this Sunday as he has planned to be all along.

“Having been through this the last three rounds, I still remain very optimistic that come Sunday I will be standing in the ring putting over what’s about to happen,” Corgan said. “I will be in Orlando come rain or shine. I can’t speak for everybody else at this particular moment, but I will be in Orlando this Sunday.”

Additionally, Corgan shed some light on the potential future relationship that TNA is likely to have with Pop TV if the company stays afloat and continues to operate as its’ own entity and full pro wrestling promotion the way it has for many years now.

Again, in terms of speaking for himself, Corgan pointed out that while he was in Los Angeles, California recording music recently, he took a meeting with key executives at Pop TV. Corgan claimed that they assured him that the company’s future would include a strong showing of support from their current cable television partner if Corgan were to end up as the guy in the driver’s seat behind-the-scenes for TNA going forward.

As far as how all of these elements come together to affect the actual product and feel of TNA as a pro wrestling promotion in present-day 2016, Corgan said it would definitely be a “transformational moment” in TNA’s history.

“It’s reached a point where it’s going to have a transformational moment,” Corgan said. “Whatever’s going to happen this week or this weekend or whatever, is going to for sure – and this is not a wrestling angle – it is definitely going to change the direction of the company forever. Does that mean the company ends, does that mean the company begins a new era? Obviously I am very much on the side and very much invested that the company would continue.”

TNA Bound For Glory takes place this Sunday, October 2, 2016 from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

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