Billy Gunn Makes AEW Debut In Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal On 11/20/2019 (VIDEO)

Billy Gunn On How “Scissor Me Daddy” Became Such A Popular Catchphrase

WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW Star Billy Gunn spoke with Sports Illustrated on a number of topics such as how he had no idea the “Scissor Me Daddy” catchphrase would become a phenomenon.

Billy Gunn said:

“Who knew this would become a phenomenon? This scissoring thing, that’s the wrestling business. You can’t pick and choose what people are going to be into. The ‘Scissor Me Daddy Ass’ shirt, at first people didn’t want them to be made. Now we can’t stop selling them.”

Billy Gunn also spoke about how amazing it has been to train with his sons and watch them grow.

Billy Gunn said:

“I get to train with my boys, work with them, and watch them grow—I can’t put into words how cool that is. I love where they’re going now and what they’re doing. They need this time away from me to separate and grow. And they always ask my opinion. I like to hear their side of it first, then share mine. For me, it’s amazing.”

You can check out Billy Gunn’s full comments at this link.

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