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Bobby Lashley Explains How The Hurt Business Faction Represents “Black Businessmen”

WWE United States champion Bobby Lashley was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated to talk all things pro-wrestling, including how he still is aiming to become WWE champion. Highlights can be found below.

On how he’s still pushing to become WWE champion:

I’ve got the United States title, and that’s an amazing accomplishment, but I need a stamp on my career. That’s the WWE Championship, and the opportunity is there for me. I’m the ‘Black Superman,’ and that world title is what I need. I just need to stay healthy, keep kicking ass, and continue moving forward. If I win that world title, I’ll always be known as a former world champion. I want to do that for myself, I want to do that for my children, and I also want to do it for the kids that look like me.

On the Hurt Business being a rebirth for himself, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin:

This is a rebirth for us together. MVP can work and he talk. People saw us together all the time, and someone asked, ‘What if they worked together?’ Everything he brings to the table, combine that with everything I bring, and it’s the complete package. There were a couple of names that were thrown around to be part of this, but we wanted Shelton. Shelton is so good and he wants more. We have so much fun working together, and that includes after the show having steaks and burgers. That translates on TV. We all started around the same time, and we were all friends back then, and we all understand how the business has changed. Back then, we had Booker T, JBL, Fit Finlay, [William] Regal, Umaga, Hardcore Holly—those are the guys we faced and battled on a regular basis. We talked about bringing back that old school style, the way we were brought up. That’s the style that beats you up and beats you down, and that’s what we’re doing with The Hurt Business.

How the faction represents black businessman:

That’s another reason that I love being part of he Hurt Business. We’re not thugs, we’re dressed clean. We’re businessmen, Black businessmen. We’ve been in this business a long time, and that’s how we conduct ourselves. We have put in the work and we’re going to continue to do that.

On how he knows what to accomplish:

I’m not a guy that is going to politic or badmouth someone in this company. I don’t do it. Ever. I’ve had people I was wrestling go to Vince and say, ‘I think it would be a good idea if I beat Bobby.’ And it was completely ignorant for someone to ever say that if you saw the two of us. I’ve always done what the company thought was best, but I’ve also always known what I was capable of doing. I know that I’m valuable and I know what I can accomplish. I am putting in the work to be world champion. Even if it takes years, I’ll stay in this business as long as it takes for me to get there.


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