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Bobby Roode On His Dream WrestleMania Opponent, WWE Main Roster Call-Up

NXT World Champion Bobby Roode recently spoke with SportsKeeda for a quick Q&A and shared his thoughts on which WWE main roster brand he would prefer to transition to when his time comes, who his dream opponent at WrestleMania is and more.

Regarding whether he would prefer to move to RAW or SmackDown Live when the time comes to move up to the main roster, Roode claimed he has no preference between the two.

“No, I don’t (have a preference). I think both brands are great and obviously, I’d rather go to the brand that suits me the most at whatever time that is (main roster call-up). Whether it be SmackDown Live or RAW, it really doesn’t matter. I think the talent is exceptional on both sides so I can sink my teeth into whatever is put in front of me in either brand so whether it’s Monday nights or Tuesday nights, it really doesn’t matter to me.”

As far as his dream opponent at WrestleMania is concerned, Roode didn’t drop any specific names. Instead, he claimed that whoever has the World Title at that time is the guy he wants to see across the ring from him.

“There are a lot of guys that I would choose, too many to probably mention. There are some great guys there, but to answer this question which I’m sure will come up a lot of times, whoever the world champion is.”

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