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Bobby Roode On Possibly Reuniting With James Storm In NXT & More

Ahead of this Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: Toronto live special on the WWE Network, Bobby Roode spoke with ESPN and discussed working with WWE in dark matches several years ago and the possibility of reuniting with a familiar face from TNA in NXT.

Regarding his work in WWE years ago, Roode said working dark matches (non-televised) for the promotion in the early 2000s was his way of trying to get his foot in the door with the hopes of getting signed.

“That’s the goal, right,” said Roode. “You want to get a job, get hired, want to be seen. You go do these dark matches, you network and show your face as much as you can. I believe in life that everything happens for a reason,” he said. “The timing back then with WWE didn’t work out. It passed me by the first time. But there was a reason for it. I made a name for myself.”

When asked about the possibility of reuniting with his old Beer Money tag-team partner from TNA, James Storm, Roode noted that he hasn’t spoken to him since he left TNA back in March.

“I have not spoken a word to James since I left in March,” Roode revealed. “I’m not sure what his plan is. We haven’t spoken.”

Join us here on Saturday evening for live results coverage of the NXT TakeOver: Toronto live WWE Network special.

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