Bobby Roode Speaks On The Ups & Downs Of TNA, Leaving For WWE

In a recent interview with RVA Magazine, Bobby Roode described his final years in TNA as having “more downs than ups.” When asked if it was a hard decision to leave TNA for WWE, Roode said it was the right time for him to move on.

“Obviously for the last couple of years in TNA, there was a lot of ups and downs. A lot more downs than ups, which was really one of the reasons I decided to go,” Roode told RVA before Friday’s NXT live event in Norfolk, VA. “At the end of the day, TNA was always very good to me and at that time, it was just time for me to move on.”

On the subject of his entrance music, Roode says his first choice for a song got vetoed by Triple H and they decided on “Glorious Domination,” which they felt better fit his character.

Roode left TNA to work for WWE earlier this year, after he was reportedly owed money by the company. Wrestling promoter David Herro said on the Pro Wrestling Report in April that Roode and Eric Young “left because they were owed a combined six-figures.”

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