The Bollywood Boyz Discuss Their Release From WWE

Earlier this week, Gurv and Harv Sihra, formerly known as the Bollywood Boyz, spoke with Sean Waltman on his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast. During the discussion with Waltman, Gurv and Harv spoke about their release from WWE, and more. Check out their comments below.

Gurv on being released during a day off:

“It’s funny because when we got both got the call, on our days off, we both train at the local gym here, at the local ring, and we literally both got the call that we were fired from our jobs as we were pulling up to training. And we looked at each other like, what a way to go. Here we are on our day off training, break a sweat, and we both lost our job. At first, we were both like, are we gonna practice? Are we gonna train? But we were like, f**k it. Let’s just keep going.”

Harv on how it feels to be released:

“Losing your job sucks. Obviously, it sucks the wind out of you, but there was a sense of relief. I don’t think we fully realized our potential. It’s one thing if you feel like you’ve had a run or you’ve gone after tag titles, I feel like we were on the cusp of it when we were down in 205. We were just staying ready, and I think we worked every week, maybe minus a couple of weeks, in the last year. We were ready, and that’s why there’s that relief. We’re like, okay, we haven’t fully realized that potential.”

Gurv on receiving advice from WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels:

“We were always just maximizing the minutes that we got. No matter what it is, no matter what’s thrown our way, we’re gonna go out there, and you can’t stop talent from rising to the top. Three weeks ago, we were at the PC, just before TVs, we’re talking to Shawn Michaels, and Shawn was having a conversation with us. This is just him spitballing three weeks prior to all this happening. He said, ‘Sometimes, it’s okay to step away, go get better, or just go get over elsewhere and then make them realize, hey, you know what, you guys dropped the ball here.’ So that’s where we’re at. Now it’s time for us to really go shine and see what we got.”

Harv on rarely being booked to compete in WWE:

“Honestly, when that phone call came, there was no regrets because we never stopped pitching, but you have to find that fine line of being annoying, and being creative and ready. And we knew that fine line. Every now and then, we’d be like, hey, what about this, or okay cool, we’re not booked, we’ll wrestle, which is huge. Not being booked is a big thing instead of showing up and just waiting around, and staying motivated, that’s something you have to work on because most people don’t realize in this job, it’s hard showing up and not doing anything. But you got to go to the gym. You got to have a good mental attitude. You got to stay in ring shape, but then you fly across country and you’re not wrestling, but you have to keep ready, and that’s so hard sometimes to keep doing it, but we did it… We told creative because they’re like, ‘Hey, because you guys fly from Vancouver, do you guys want to be brought in every week, regardless of whether you’re doing something or not?’ We’re like, ‘F**k yeah, bring us in, and we’ll fly in from Vancouver from one end of the continent to the next continent, just so we can just do a promo, do a vignette, getting booked last minute, just make the most of anything that we get,” Gurv explained. “And that’s the mindset we had for the five years we were down there.”

(Via WrestlingInc.)

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