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Booker T Elaborates On Decision To Run For Mayor Of Houston, Texas

On the latest edition of his “Heated Conversations” podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T elaborated on his decision to run for Mayor in his hometown of Houston, Texas.

“Now you’ve heard it–in 2020 I’m preparing myself to run for the Mayor of the city of Houston, and I’m going to need a lot of support for that, and as long as I keep becoming the person that I am right now, I think I can get a lot of support towards my election,” said Booker T during the show.

The wrestling legend continued, “You go with your gut instinct, your intuition. I think that has to do with, as for me and the decisions I make, I think running for Mayor came for me in the middle of the night–in a vision. I said that this is something that I had to do, just a couple of nights ago when I was at a Boxing event. It came to me at this Boxing match that I have to run for Mayor of the city. I called my wife and I told her that I’m running for Mayor, and she started laughing. It was like the biggest laugh in the world.”

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