Booker T/Mayor Update

Booker T Explains Why Plans To Run For Mayor Might Be On Hold

It looks like Booker T’s plans to run for Mayor of Houston, Texas in 2019 may be on hold.

The WWE Hall Of Famer recently appeared on the WINCLY podcast and spoke about some issues he is facing and how he is running out of time to get things sorted in time to run.

“I’m coming across a couple bumps. That’s been the story of my life, obstacles; trying to figure a way over them, around them, under them, sometimes you have to go straight through them,” Booker said. “There’s obstacles that have to do with my past, and I’m running out of time more than anything. This month is my deadline, and with what I got going on with the state of Texas, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna allow me to actually run this term. But we got four more years ahead of us, and that’s my ultimate goal in the long run.”

It is well documented that the WWE veteran served 19 months in prison back in 1987 after pleading guilty to armed robberies. His lawyers are helping him with the situation, but again, time seems to be against him right now.

“I’ve done time, I have to clear a couple of issues, my lawyers have been working on it diligently,” Booker said. “But it’s just one of those things like I said, time is running out on me. It’s expiring on me more than anything, literally rapidly expiring.”

Booker is hopeful that if things don’t end up working out in a timely fashion for a 2019 attempt, he will still try again in the future.

“That’s why I say it’s only a four-year term,” he said. “If I don’t qualify this year, I’m sure my time is gonna come.”

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