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Booker T On Finn Balor’s Injury Scare & Being Labeled “Injury Prone”

During a recent episode of his “Heated Conversations” podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T spoke about Finn Balor’s recent concussion injury scare on WWE RAW so soon after his comeback from a lengthy injury hiatus after becoming the first-ever WWE Universal Champion back in August of 2016.

“You don’t want to get labeled in this business as being injury prone,” said Booker when addressing the topic in general. “Do you know what I mean? ‘This guy, he’s soft!’ Do you know what I mean? You don’t want to get that label.”

Booker T continued, clarifying the fact that he wasn’t labeling Balor specifically as someone who would fit that description.

“I wasn’t saying [Bálor] specifically,” said Booker. “I’m just saying you don’t want that label in this business as far as being soft, a guy that can’t carry the load, a guy that’s not going to be in for the long haul.”

“That’s what this business is about,” said the current part-time RAW announcer. “And it’s about going out there and being able to weather the storm.”

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