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Booker T On Potential In-Ring Return At WrestleMania, Goldust & R-Truth

Booker T spoke about the possibility of returning to the ring for one more match during the latest edition of the WWE Network original series, “Table For 3.”

“I sit and I wonder, sometimes, man, ‘can I go out there and have one last WrestleMania triple threat tag match with The New Day?’ I would have to have the right team. Do you all know anybody? WrestleMania 33? I’m talking about The New Day versus old school.”

Regarding the difference between the duo of “Bookdust” (Booker T and Goldust) and “The Golden Truth” (Goldust and R-Truth), the WWE Hall Of Famer shared his belief that Goldie and Truth are a good comedy act, but noted something is preventing them from “breaking through that glass ceiling.”

“I like it. I like it a lot! But, there is a but, there’s always going to be a but. My thing is this: Bookdust, we got out there and we had to scrap. Do you know what I mean? Scrape for everything we got. We finally cashed in and won the Tag Team Championship. Do you remember that? So I just don’t see Golden Truth breaking that glass ceiling just yet. What is it going to take for you guys to get the tag team title matches and put you guys in position to actually go to the top, man? Because you guys are entertaining. You’re very entertaining! But the people, they want to see you with that gold around your waist, man. You know that.”

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