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Booker T Talks About Filling In For David Otunga On RAW Announce Team

Ahead of his return to the announce table for the WWE RAW brand this coming Monday evening in Columbus, Ohio, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T spoke with The Roman Show about feeling the pressure regarding the venture and how it will differ from his previous gig.

“There’s always pressure,” said Booker. “WWE is a machine. Being on Smackdown or RAW, I wouldn’t say it is not the same because they are two totally different brands, two different entities, but I am looking forward to working with Michael Cole and Corey Graves and giving it my brand of commentating.”

Booker added, “I bring my own style. I don’t speak like they do. I speak for the people. I think it’ll be refreshing. I am going to be there for six weeks for now, but you never know.”

Check out the complete Booker T interview above, or visit The Roman Show’s YouTube channel here.

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