Booker T Talks In-Ring Return

Booker T Talks About In-Ring Status: “I Never Said That I Was Retired”

It looks like wrestling fans may still get to see the Booker Man in action.

On a recent episode of his Heated Conversations podcast, Booker T spoke about his retirement and in-ring status as a pro wrestler.

“I never said that I was retired,” said Booker. “I never said that I was never gonna put the boots on ever again. People ask me if I miss it, I go ‘no, I don’t.’ People ask me, ‘man, are gonna see one more match?’ And I’ve always said, hey, never say never, because you never know what you’re gonna do.”

Booker T continued, “Right now, I feel good, my body is as peak performance as it’s gonna get at this stage right not. I’m not trying to put myself over or anything like that, you know, pat myself on the back or anything like that, but I’ve done a h*ll of a job trying to stay in shape. Trying to keep my body right, trying to keep my body tight. I’m a happily married man, but these young girls, man I gotta fight ’em off!'”

The WWE Hall Of Famer continued, talking about possibly turning up at a Reality of Wrestling show, his local pro wrestling promotion in the Houston, Texas area.

“It would be a question in my mind, do I have the hops,” said Booker. “Do I still got the juice? Can I still go out there and get it done, baby? The spinaroonie, is the torque on the spinaroonie, is it gonna be as quick? The scissors kick, is it gonna be as violent? Can he still hop as far as the jumping side kick goes? Does he have one Harlem Hangover left in his body?”

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