Borash: Wrestlers To Break Contracts For ‘Tag Team Apocalypto’ Match, Will Be A “Game Changer”

TNA is advertising a “Tag Team Apocalypto” match that will happen at Matt Hardy’s compound, and tag teams from “all over space and time” have been invited to compete. In a Taz Show interview, Jeremy Borash teased that some wrestlers would be openly breaking their contracts to take part in the match from Hardy’s house. Borash also recently spoke to Sports Illustrated, continued to promote the match, saying that it would be different from anything we’ve ever seen.

“Tag Team Apocalypto will be the most amazing match ever presented on television,” Borash told “Bold statement. Different than anything you’ve ever seen.”

Borash continued, saying that wrestling needs to “evolve with the rest of entertainment,” and predicts that the Tag Team Apocalypto match will have a lasting impact on the industry.

“This will be looked back at someday as a game changer,” he said. “Early screeners have left people stunned. Books may be written on this match. With the secluded nature of our shooting, there will be a number of talents showing up you would never expect.”

Borash stopped short of mentioning the names of who would be showing up. The match will air on a special episode of Impact Wrestling later this month that will be entirely filmed from Matt and Jeff Hardy’s compound in North Carolina.

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