Bound For Glory 2017 Results

Bound For Glory 2017 PPV Results (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Impact Wrestling returns to pay-per-view this evening with their Bound For Glory 2017 event from the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We will be providing live play-by-play results coverage of the pay-per-view this evening on this page. Make sure to refresh the page often to view the latest results from the show.


Alberto El Patron Has Arrived

The pay-per-view kicks off with footage from earlier in the day of former Impact Global Champion Alberto El Patron showing up at the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, the site of tonight’s show. The announcers question what he has planned for tonight.

Opening Video Segment

The slick opening video package airs, highlighting and previewing the top programs coming into tonight’s Bound For Glory 2017 pay-per-view.

Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship
Trevor Lee vs. Matt Sydal vs. Garza Jr. vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Dezmond Xavier

We head to the ring for our first match of the evening, which will feature six talents competing with the Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship on-the-line, as Trevor Lee, Dezmond Xavier, Garza Jr., Sonjay Dutt, Matt Sydal and Petey Williams kick off Bound For Glory inside the squared circle.

They announce that this will be a Lucha style match, which means no tags, but only two people are legal. It is NOT an elimination match, but instead the first pinfall or submission will end the contest.

The bell sounds and here we go. It’s apparent early that Petey Williams, who came out to “Oh Canada,” complete with the flag and all, is going to be a fan-favorite here in Ottawa.

Lots of fast-paced, back-and-forth action early on. Xavier hit a Space flying drop that got the fans on their feet. Williams hits a nice pescado into a huracanrana and moments later, there was a sick triple tope spot that got a huge pop from the crowd.

The action picks up again as the finish of the match approaches. Williams finally dusts off the classic, hitting his popular Canadian Destroyer finisher on Xavier for a huge pop. Lee threw Williams out of the ring immediately afterwards and stole the pin.

Winner: Trevor Lee

Tyson Dux vs. Taiji Ishimori

The announcers hype Tyson Dux as “the hottest free agent in Canada.” He is up next in one-on-one action against Taiji Ishimori, who was brought out by Pro Wrestling NOAH Chairman Masayuki Ushida. It was announced that the winner would earn an X-Division Championship match against Trevor Lee.

The bell rings and our second match of the evening is now underway. This match wasn’t given much time, however, as Ishimori won quickly with a 450 splash in what was basically the equivilant of a television squash match. With the win, Ishimori vs. Lee for the X-Division Championship is set for the upcoming set of Impact Wrestling television tapings.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

Backstage: Grado Confronts Abyss

Grado saw Abyss and referred to him as Joseph, telling him that “they don’t need to do this tonight.” Abyss said that there was no Joseph, and that Grado was about to feel pain, suffering and carnage before being exported. Grado didn’t back down, saying he’s a different Grado and he’s going to beat Joseph’s ass.

Alberto El Patron Cuts A “Shoot Promo”

Alberto El Patron is out now. He says he wants to give us a history lesson. He says the company, which he referred to as cowards and perros that screwed him and destroyed him because they have no cajones, are backstabbers. He said they believed all the lies instead of reading the reports, which would have told them that he didn’t do anything, yet they suspended him and “stopped paying him” anyways.

The announcers are pushing this like El Patron is completely shooting right now, and even referenced that the microphones needed to be pulled.

El Patron continues, talking about how he was stripped of his title. He calls Eli Drake, the current champion fake and says if he wants to be the champion he needs to beat the real champion, which is what he is. He criticized Impact Wrestling for not caring about his family, his young children and believing a “loser who spread lies and stuff that never happened” over him.

He said after he proved his innocence, no one from Impact Wrestling called or texted him, no one came to his house and tonight, he is promising to do something. He said this place is filled with losers, cowards and backstabbers.

He goes over to Jeremy Borash and says he thought they were good friends. He asks where he was three months ago when everything was going down. He claims Borash never called or texted him. He makes Borash admit on the mic that he never called or texted him. Borash does so and apologizes to him. El Patron shook Borash’s hand.

El Patron said he is going to make a statement. Borash said that maybe they should talk about whatever his issue is tonight. El Patron then seemed to change his mind. He simply left after saying that tonight would be “amazing.”

Monster’s Ball
Abyss vs. Grado

Up next is the Monster’s Ball match between Abyss and Grado. This will be our third match of the evening here at Bound For Glory 2017.

This one featured all the gimmicks and trimmings of a usual Monster’s Ball contest.

There was thumbtacks, barbed wire boards, interferences, nail boards and everything else you can imagine used in this one. At one point, Laurel Van Ness interfered, hitting Grado with a low blow for not marrying her. Grado had Abyss in between two barbed wire boards and hit a big splash for one of the cooler spots in the match.

Rosemary interfered during this one as well, attacking Van Ness and helping Grado by blowing mist in her face. Janice was also used in this one, as one of the always popular gimmick weapons in Monster’s Ball matches featuring Abyss.

Abyss went to chokeslam Rosemary but ended up getting misted in the eyes as well. He ended up chokeslamming her on thumbtacks anyways. Grado schoolboy rolled up Abyss and the referee counted to three and the bell rang, however Borash covered it on commentary, saying he kicked out at 2 1/2. The finish saw Abyss hit his Blackhole Slam on a barbed wire board for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Abyss

Ethan Carter III, James Storm & Eddie Edwards vs. El Hijo Del Fantasma, Pagano & El Texano Jr.

Six-man tag-team action is up next here at Bound For Glory 2017, as EC3 teams with James Storm and Eddie Edwards to take on El Hijo Del Fantasma, Pagano and El Texano Jr. in a Team Impact vs. Team AAA match.

AAA promoter Dorian Roldan came out with Team AAA. The announcers mention that Eddie Edwards will be defending the GHC Title on next Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, which is being taped tomorrow night.

The bell rings and here we go with our fourth match of the evening. Early on they’re teasing the idea that EC3 won’t tag in. He ended up tagging in, however, and competed as part of the team. The crowd seems to dig the Team Impact vs. Team AAA dynamic.

Storm pinned Pagano with a superkick after EC3 hit a low blow on Pagano and Texano Jr. at the same time. In the end, Team Impact got the job done and won in the battle against Team AAA.

Winners: Ethan Carter III, James Storm & Eddie Edwards

Impact Wrestling Tag-Team Championship
(5150 Street Fight)

Our Impact Wrestling Tag-Team Championship contest, which is a 5150 Street Fight match pitting OVE against LAX, is up next here at Bound For Glory 2017.

This match was given some time and the crowd was way into the action, which was all over the place. Santana hit a nice New Jack style dive on Dave off a light stand through a table. Ortiz also powerbombed Jake off of the stage through a table.

The finish saw Sami Callihan throw powder in Konnan’s eyes and then throw Santana off of the top rope onto a ladder. He then hit Ortiz with a piledriver off of the ring apron and through a table. They buried LAX under a Mexican flag after the match was over.

Winners: OVE

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship
Sienna vs. Gail Kim vs. Allie

Our triple-threat match for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship between Sienna, Gail Kim and Allie is up next.

The bell sounds and this one is officially underway. We see former WWE Superstar Santino Marella sitting at ringside tonight. Josh Mathews even referenced him on commentary, calling him by his real name, Anthony Carelli. He said he’s known him so long he still calls him by his old OVW name, Boris.

The story of the match, which was heavily pushed on commentary, was that Gail Kim was attempting to reclaim the Knockouts Championship in her final Bound For Glory pay-per-view. When all was said and done, she did exactly that.

This match didn’t last too long, but was given plenty of time for what the story was. In the end, the finish saw Gail Kim blast Sienna with her Eat Defeat finisher off the middle rope for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Gail Kim

Jimmy Jacobs Shows Up

Jimmy Jacobs is shown. He was at the Ring Of Honor event as well recently, as he seems to have no trouble staying busy since his highly-publicized departure from WWE.

They talk about how Jacobs doesn’t work for Impact Wrestling. Jacobs says, “I don’t work here? That’s what you think!”

Six Sides Of Steel
Bobby Lashley & King Mo vs. Moose & Stephan Bonnar

Our semi-final match of the evening, which pits pro wrestler and MMA crossover star Bobby Lashley and Bellator MMA fighter Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal against the team of Moose and former UFC mega-star Stephan Bonnar.

They showed Colby Covington, of American Top Team, who made headlines for calling Brazilians “filthy animals” after beating Brazilain star Demian Maia at a UFC event in Brazil. They also show ATT founder Dan Lambert with some of the other members of the American Top Team crew from South Florida.

The ATT guys even got involved. Four different members of the team interfered during the match, including Covington. Mo and Bonnar did some work in the match, utilizing some faux MMA style grappling and exchanges the few times they were in the ring together.

The finish saw Lashley pin Moose after a spear after Moose was distracted by Covington. Moose and Mo ended up going out the door. Dan Lambert threw Mo back in and all the ATT guys, including Lambert, got in the cage and Lambert locked the door. Bonnar fought them off for a while but eventually the numbers game was too much for him. Moose hit a big splash off the cage onto everyone.

Winners: Bobby Lashley & King Mo

Impact Wrestling Global Championship
Eli Drake vs. Johnny Impact

Our Impact Wrestling Global Championship main event between current title-holder Eli Drake and Johnny Impact (John Morrison) is up next. Chris Adonis is in Drake’s corner for this one. Obviously everyone is expecting something from Alberto El Patron here as well.

This match featured several near falls. At one point near the end of the contest, Johnny Impact had things pretty much wrapped up, however Adonis interfered. Impact laid out Adonis with a title belt that Adonis had brought in. He hit his Starship Pain move and then Alberto El Patron showed up.

El Patron pulled the referee out of the ring. Impact goes to hit a dive on El Patron but he moved and Impact took out the referee instead. El Patron blasts Impact with a big chair shot. He then puts Drake on top of Impact and the referee comes in and counts 1-2-3. Drake retains the title.

Winner: Eli Drake


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